Fiesta Dogs with Street Corn Guacamole

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not a huge sports fan. I’m just not very good at playing them, and I tend to get bored watching games/matches on TV.

When it comes to watching sports, my general disinterest can probably be attributed to the fact that I simply don’t know the rules. I suppose I could learn them, but I’m old and lazy, and I already have so many interests and hobbies. (Like young adult novels and eye masking.) I almost got a handle on football one evening last fall and thought, “Ohhhhhh I get it now! This is fun!” But then I realized I was just drunk and enjoying my roommate’s company/explanation of why all these crazy men were chasing each other. At which point I screamed, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!!!” and promptly lost interest again.

Ironically, while I don’t like sports themselves, I live for sporting events. There’s something about the energy in a stadium or arena that I love, and each sport has its own merits. Tennis has excellent mixed drinks and cardigans. Football has touchdown dances. Basketball has t-shirt cannons and regular musical interludes. Hockey has fights!! And baseball? Baseball just makes me feel American and provides an opportunity to eat my annual hot dog. It’s my favorite.

I’ll happily attend any of the above sporting events if invited, but I make a point of getting myself to at least one baseball game a year. It’s always a highlight of my summer, and I was rather panicked that I might not be able to get one in this season. Then I got an email from my friends at Peapod notifying me that they had recently become the official online grocer of the New York Yankees, and they’d be sending me and Logan to a game on September 26. Crisis averted, THANK GOD! I shall get my outdoor hotdog fix afterall.

These dogs are a hot mess, but in the best possible way. Nestled in a squishy bun with plenty of guac and topped with chopped romaine, tomatoes, cotija, and hot sauce, these taco-themed dogs are the stuff of late summer fantasies. Whether you serve them at a picnic or bbq or crush them on the couch while you watch a game, they’re a guaranteed home run. (Had to.) For the full recipe, hop on over to

p.s. The street corn guacamole is delicious insanity. It’s loaded with grilled sweet corn, lime, cotija, cilantro, and chili powder, and the sweet and savory flavors literally explode in your mouth. Even if you hate hot dogs(??!!), I highly recommend making this guac for dipping, tacos, burgers, sandos, toast, etc. Seriously.



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